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About Us Sugaring hair removal & full body skin care is our business at His & Hers Bare Beauty of Sarasota, FL. Providing safe, natural, results-driven esthetic treatments and solutions for both men & women of any age, skin type, hair color and ethnicity. We're changing the industry standards. Let our team of licensed professionals upgrade your expectations about hair removal and skin care.

Caroline | Sept 2023

Ashlynn was great. Professional, quick, easy to talk to and it hurt LESS than the time before! Loving the results after sugaring. Will definitely keep rebooking.


Fred | Mar 2022

Incredibly clean and attractive environment They have a great professional staff and provide a number of spa services. For hair removal, you will never go back to waxing once you try sugaring. Very friendly and welcoming.


Crystal | June 2023

Ashlynn is the BEST! Super sweet and makes you feel very comfortable. I’ve ditched the razor and will NEVER go back to shaving. Sugar for life!


Elena | June 2021

This is the place where I get my Brazilian sugaring done and these ladies go above and beyond every single time! I usually get my service done by Stacy, but the last time I was there Brea did it for me and the quality never fails. Every time I go there the ladies make sure to greet me as if I were family and treat me with great courtesy. Even though intimate sugaring can be quite unpleasant they find a way to make the experience not only more bearable, but also enjoyable in a way. Great thanks for being there, ladies, and always doing an outstanding job!

tatianna j.jpg

Tatianna | Oct 2023

Ashlynn was amazing, she made me feel at home. It’s been five years since I’ve had any waxing and I couldn’t ask for a cleanier, more friendly environment. I will definitely be back in 6weeks and I highly recommend for any waxing or facial needs. Thank you Ashlynn and his & hers bare beauty!!


Michael | June 2022

I was looking to have my back shaved or waxed and they introduced me to sugaring, I now go every 6 weeks and get my back, shoulders and neck done and could not be happier, they run on time and all the staff are so nice, highly recommend them.


Alice | June 2023

I had 2 facials so far with Brea, the owner. Best ever! Brea is knowledgeable and helps my skin to be more healthy and radiant. So glad I found them.


Marcus | Mar 2021

Straight guys: you know how much you like it when your lady friends take their grooming seriously? Imagine how much they will like it if you do the same. Also, this is a great way to earn an empathy merit badge. This is a cute, sparkling clean shop with friendly and talented staff. I will definitely be back.


Candace | April 2021

It was my first time getting sugar waxing and it was amazing!!! I had a previous bad experience with regular waxing and it was extremely painful. But sugar waxing was a lot less painful, the esthetician did an awesome job! Definitely will be coming back


Alexandrea | April 2023

Wow 🤩 This place was AMAZING. Not only did the owner fit me in last minute, it was very professional and I had an AMAZING result. You have to try for yourself. You will be be hooked.


Samantha | Sept 2021

By far the best salon experience I’ve had when it comes to waxing. Super professional, comfortable, and such great results! I did the sugar waxing like I’ve always done and was very pleased with His and Hers Bare Beauty. I had the pleasure of having Brea, the owner, do my service yesterday and she took her time and did an amazing job. We had great conversation during the service and she made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I will ABSOLUTELY be coming back again! Thanks so much guys!


Plamenka | May 2023

There is the sign at the window with massage "Come in we are awesome" They are 💯% right. THEY ARE INCREDIBLY GOOD 🌟

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