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About Us Sugaring hair removal & full body skin care is our business at His & Hers Bare Beauty of Sarasota, FL. Providing safe, natural, results-driven esthetic treatments and solutions for both men & women of any age, skin type, hair color and ethnicity. We're changing the industry standards. Let our team of licensed professionals upgrade your expectations about hair removal and skin care.

Brea Risner, Owner, Educator & Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Owner and visionary of His & Hers Bare Beauty, Brea Risner (aka Bossy Boss Pants) is a licensed Medical Aesthetician from Grand Rapids, MI. Since 2003 she’s excelled within a results-driven profession in a diverse and continually advancing industry with a clear focus on the foundation, the skin. Acquiring her Aesthetician License in a medical/clinical setting through the School of Designing Arts. Advanced certification courses throughout her career include: Mastery classes in both wax and full body Sugaring Hair Removal, Microneedling, Dermaplane, Laser Physics, Laser Hair Removal Technician, Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting, Eyelash Perming, Skin Biology and Designer Chemical Peels for both face & body. With a passion for hair removal, providing safe esthetic solutions for every age, gender and genetic was her ultimate goal.

"Everyone has an ideal image of beauty, I’m committed to helping them achieve it. As an Esthetician I strive to provide long term results, safely while producing the smallest environmental footprint."


Stacy Perez, Licensed Esthetician & Certified Sugarist

Mother of two teenagers and a very spoiled Aussie-Doodle pup, Stacy and her family relocated to Sarasota from Massachusetts in 2013. Although licensed in cosmetology over 20 years ago, she realized early on that she didn't quite have the passion for hair care as much as she did for treating the skin. So for the time, she chose to utilize her other innate talents and began a career in human resources and office management.


With a desire to return to the esthetic industry, she enrolled at Fashion Focus Hair Academy to obtain her esthetician license after relocating to Florida. Excited to finally be in pursuit of her ideal career, she's continued her education and professional certifications in full body sugaring hair removal, dermaplaning, microneedling, microdermabrasion, facial sculpting, eyelash extension application, brow & lash tinting, brow lamination & lash lifts and lymphatic drainage facial massage techniques.

With all her previous experience in human resources and organization; Stacy quickly became the brains behind the day-to-day operations at His & Hers Bare Beauty and we're honored to have her in our tribe.

Stacy Perez Licensed Esthetician + Expert Sugarist.jpg

Ashlynn Everett, Licensed Esthetician & Certified Sugarist

Another graduate of Fashion Focus Academy (located here in the Gulf Gate community). Ashlynn’s always demonstrated a desire to learn and a strong passion for skin care and cosmetics. With a background in customer service and hospitality, esthetics seemed like a natural fit, and due to fortunate and unfortunate events and some unexpected support from family during the COVID quarantine; she was presented with an opportunity to attend esthetic school and actively pursue her career earlier than anticipated. 


Originally from a small town in Pennsylvania, she and her boyfriend moved to Florida for a change of scenery and warmer weather. Ashlynn is a middle child with 2 brothers; she’s also a self-described “Cat Mom” who loves to cook and create in the kitchen.


On top of her love for skin care, she has a special interest for the art of eyebrow shaping, perfection through lamination, tinting and lash lift applications.

Ashlynn Everett, Licensed Esthetician Bare Beauty Sarasota Profile Pic.HEIC

Jackie Berkal, Licensed Esthetician & Expert Sugarist

Jackie came to us after recently relocating to Florida from Iowa. As a previously Licensed Esthetician and Certified Lead Sugarist with over 5 years of experience in the art of full body sugaring; she quickly jumped into our tribe & the hearts of our clients. With a passion for natural skincare as well as hair removal, Jackie enjoys converting "wax-ers" to "sugar-ers".


A happily married, mother-of-three, she and her family are genuinely committed to incorporating health and wellness into their home with a primary focus on energetic harmony and nutrition. She believes in utilizing a positive mindset, natural methods, and organic products. Always striving for growth and continuing education, Jackie is currently studying to become a certified Holistic Ayurvedic Coach to add Ayurveda to her personal and professional expertise. (Those who understand, can also appreciate that Sugaring is natural, organic, and is an ancient technique which aligns with Ayurvedic values.) Jackie naturally emits warmth and compassion while engaging with clients. She always wants clients to leave feeling noticeably better than when they walked through the door. In her own words…. some would describe her as “crunchy”, yet passionate with a gift for connecting others to their inner light and encouraging them to embrace their own individual inner beauty. Learn a little more about Jackie from her website, a resource she created to help others who are also seeking a more organic/holistic approach to their at-home skincare routine. 

Jackie Berkal Licensed Esthetician Expert Sugarist_edited.jpg

Tracy Harrah, Bookkeeper & "Task Master Extraordinaire"

Tracy is our bookkeeper and a woman with extraordinary talents for keeping things organized and completed on time (her partner is an IT expert which has also proved to be helpful). Another animal lover, she has an energetic yellow lab at home, and a beautiful daughter also named Bri, she often refers to as "My Bri" who's now away at college.

She's not your average bean-counter, with over 30 years of office management and administrative experience (obviously, she started before grade school).


Tracy has been with the company since opening in 2016 and does an amazing job managing all the administrative responsibilities at His & Hers Bare Beauty as well as coordinating her schedule to accommodate and manage other businesses' books. She works mostly behind the scenes, however you may get the chance to meet her occasionally in the mornings seated at the front desk.


Tracy our bookkeeper and task master extraordinaire, of Sarasota Florida

Amelia Grove, Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Amelia Grove is a licensed and certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist. She specializes in Permanent Makeup (PMU) and Hair Restoration for the Brow and Scalp. She is one of very few certified providers of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) in the Sarasota Area. However, she is best known for her Trifecta Transformation. "Trifecta" is a term she uses to describe the beauty phenomenon achieved by the color contrast and definition of the three main facial features (eyes, brows and lips). Trifecta Transformation is a permanent makeup package which literally transforms features to enhance and reverse the signs of aging.


An advocate for life long learning, Amelia continues to strive for excellence. She believes it is absolutely imperative to stay up to date with trends, advancements in technology, and newest techniques within the industry. Often attending and competing at international conferences to further perfect and master her craft. She recently ranked 4th in both microblading and eyeliner categories at the United States WULOP (World Universal League Of Permanent Makeup) Conference in 2021! Over the years she has completed several certified training courses and been awarded by Internationally recognized Micropigmentation Masters. 

Amelia is an Australian-Born American Citizen (with a wonderful accent). She obtained a Bachelors and Postgraduate Masters in Commerce. However, after relocating to the United States to marry the love of her life she decided it was also time to follow her other true love and passion which began her career in Micropigmentation. She's detail obsessed and extremely passionate about cosmetic artistry; her biggest reward is seeing her client's delight and improved confidence.

Amelia Grove Cosmetic Tattoo Artist PMU.jpg

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