Hand-woven, multi-purpose exfoliating washcloths (12" L x 10" W) are a better way to scrub, for refreshing and renewed skin. Ayate is derived from agave plants, ayate has a naturally coarse texture with just the right amount of exfoliating power for an invigorating wash. You can also put it to work in the kitchen, as a natural alternative to harsh scouring brush or sponge. Mold and mildew resistant, hang to dry.

Washcloth 100% Natural Agave Fiber

SKU: 640124
  • 100% natural agave. It's completely biodegradable too!

  • Wet cloth and gently rub onto the skin in a circular motion, safe for use on the entire body.

#SugarIt  "Because friends don't let friends get waxed."

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